My Latest Release

Frankie's Journey

Frankie Kingston arrives in Pensacola with one plan: renovate an old camp and host a Christmas Festival to benefit the Children’s Home. She dreads the task but is determined to fulfill her late father’s wishes.

Her plan takes a turn for the worse after she sees Alex Foster, the one who tore her heart to pieces years before.

Alex ran from Frankie like she had the plague when they were younger, but their age difference no longer matters when he sees her now. Even though she’s determined to push him away, he knows they have a spark that could turn into something special.

When lies directly impacting Frankie are exposed, will her reaction cause Alex to walk away, or will she rely on God to guide and direct her to do what is right?

My Other Books

The Hidden

Chrissy Bennett has lost a lot in her life. Her parents. Her husband. Her childhood home. Now yet another loss brings her home to Moon Lake. Home to The Kensington Lodge where she spent most of her childhood.

Will the memories she finds there be what she is looking for? Or will she find a deadly mystery centered around her family that goes back for centuries?

Henry Kesselberg lives his life protecting humans. Running The Agency gives him purpose and meaning in his life. Something he desperately needs. His life changes when he is bound to fulfill a promise. A promise to look after his dearest friend’s niece in the case of his friend’s passing.

Henry travels to Moon Lake to live up to that promise. Will the things he finds there help his tortured soul find love? Or will he also be caught up in a deadly mystery that could impact everything he has worked so hard to overcome?

The Missing

Budding Cardiologist Hope St. John is happily engaged to her high school sweetheart, Nathan Prine. Everything is going well until her fiancé is called away on a Classified Op for the Military. Six months pass without a word from Nathan.

When she starts asking questions, her very life is put in jeopardy. She finds herself in the middle of a town called Moon Lake – at the Kensington Lodge, where all is not as it seems.

Will she solve the mystery of her missing fiancé before it’s too late? Or is she in over her head?

Keatyn's Journey: Seeds of Faith

Tragic events caused Keatyn Rae Griffin to leave home and become bitter. Over the years, she’s managed to push everyone but her brother, Alvin, out of her life. Everyone, including God.

A turn of events causes Keatyn to travel home to Pensacola Beach. Home to the place where her life fell apart.

Gareth Davenport left his past behind and now lives a life obedient to God. When he crosses paths with Keatyn, he’s determined to help with her pilgrimage back to God.

Will Keatyn’s journey bring love and forgiveness back to her life? Most importantly, will her journey help her turn back to God?

Or will secrets from the past drive Keatyn further away and cause her to harden her heart forever?

Sylvia's Journey: Betrayals & Beginnings (Seeds of Faith Book 2)

Prosecuting Attorney Sylvia Mason has no idea her latest case will have ever-lasting consequences that change her life forever. As a widow, she’s had two years to learn to live with heartache but is unprepared for what’s to come.

Alvin Griffin is a former Navy officer turned part-time preacher. He’s stuck by Sylvia’s side after the death of her husband, even though she pushes him away at every turn.

Will Alvin wait on Sylvia, or has she hurt his already battered heart too many times?

Does Sylvia’s faith in God hold true when facing a devastating situation?

Or will she walk away from all she holds dear?

Petunia 1949

Spitfire Petunia Hollings spends her childhood working in the cotton fields and wishing to be loved by the one who won’t give it.

Spending time with her friend, Opal, was one distraction Petunia looked forward to. Opal’s skin color was never a problem. Or so Petunia thought.

After young love sweeps Petunia away to a new life in Chicago, she learns that being a poor farm girl from Arkansas wasn’t so bad. When circumstances force her to return home, her old friendship with Opal helps Petunia’s fractured heart start to heal.

Now a new, even more dangerous evil looms. Will Petunia draw on her newfound courage?