Meet Leah Brewer

Blogger, writer & author of The Hidden and The Missing (Moon Lake Series)

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An introduction to Leah

Leah Brewer is a multi-genre Christian author of six novels. Her latest work, Frankie’s Journey, is a Christmas story named after her late grandmother, Frances Owen (Frankie).

When not behind the computer for her day job, Leah loves swimming, traveling, cooking, and spending time with her loved ones. She lives in Arkansas with her husband and extended family, including her brand-new granddaughter, Charlotte. 

Growing up, you could find Leah playing “make-believe” near the White River or as she waded through water deep in the woods.

She loves God, her family, and the ocean! If she’s not on a beach, she’s dreaming about when she can be.

Historical Fiction Inspired by Leah's late mother

Petunia 1949

Spitfire Petunia Hollings spends her childhood working in the cotton fields and wishing to be loved by the one who won’t give it.

Spending time with her friend, Opal, was one distraction Petunia looked forward to. Opal’s skin color was never a problem. Or so Petunia thought.